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Procedure to manage social media comments



Everything that is distributed on social media by Hotel Le Concorde Quebec must:

  • Be of public nature;
  • Offer an added value to Internet users;
  • Respect copyrights that apply: indication of the source or the document’s author, mention of credit in the case of photography, etc.;
  • Not contain sarcastic, hateful, injurious, racist, sexist, etc. comments
  • Not contain a partisan position


Comments management

By its presence on different social media, Hotel Le Concorde Quebec consents that negative and positive comments be found on social media platforms. All these comments will enable Internet users to exchange their experience and enable the organization to better its offer. 

Hotel Le Concorde Quebec keeps its right to delete the following comments:

  • Injurious, defamatory, discriminatory, vulgar, crude, offensive or pornographic comments;
  • Comments with a commercial or promotional purpose;
  • Political;
  • Non relevant
  • Confused or imprecise.


Comments management: sort comments according to their nature

  • Positive comments about the establishment or a service that is offered
  • Neutral comments about the establishment or a service that is offered
  • Specific question about the establishment or a service that is offered
  • Problem with the establishment or a service that is offered
  • Negative comment or complaint about the establishment or a service that is offered, or a comment that is likely to start a crisis
  • Comments that are not connected with Hotel Le Concorde Quebec, troll, advertisement for a competitive enterprise or with no connection to Hotel Le Concorde Quebec or insult/defamatory comments


Considerations to manage comments on social media (all actions are based on customer service)

  • Tone and conversation: The community manager must use the first person plural in the name of Hotel Le Concorde Quebec. He must also use a familiar tone in order that the audience feels involved.
  • Respect: It matters to respect the Internet users’ different opinions. The person in charge of web communications must never deny a negative comment; but, rather attempt to understand it or find a solution.
  • Transparency: It is important to identify oneself when leaving a comment to a response. This enables Internet users to know exactly who is talking to them. When it is a negative comment, the manager must give the impression that the situation is very important to him and that he will do his best to resolve the issue.  
  • Politeness: The manager must use polite forms when exchanging with an Internet user. 
  • Accessibility and intervention’s rapidity: Since internet is instantaneous, the Internet user expects an answer as soon as possible. Therefore, one must answer as fast as possible.  
  • Redirection: In the case of negative comments and complaints, a transparent response is needed on the social platform directly. One must try to contact personally the plaintiff in order to gather as much detail as possible. If the situation goes further, the plaintiff will be under the Hotel Le Concorde Quebec’s jurisdiction.